Course Description

How To Promote Your Business On Instagram And Grow Your Account

With over a billion active users, Instagram Marketing Secrets will help you brand and gather a following on this social media platform.

Instagram has grown into the number one platform for sharing photos. 

Everyone from business owners, influencers, celebrities, internet marketers and everyday people are using Instagram for one main purpose, PROMOTION!

Instagram has become a hot target to advertise and promote brand awareness for products and services to target a highly engaged audience.

This 10-video step-by-step video series teaches how to make the most of this rapidly growing social media platform.

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Course curriculum

  • 2

    Module 2: Instagram Content

    • 3 Ways to Produce More Instagram Content

  • 3

    Module 3: Hashtags

    • 5 Tips for Better Hashtags

  • 4

    Module 4: Instagram Audience

    • 5 Tips to Grow Your Instagram Audience Faster

  • 5

    Module 5: Grow Your Audience

    • How to Create a Consistent Instagram Account to Grow Your Audience Massively

  • 6

    Module 6: Instagram Branding

    • How to Create a Strong Brand for Your Instagram Account

  • 7

    Module 7: Sell the Dream

    • How to Sell the Dream

  • 8

    Module 8: Instagram Business Account

    • How to Set Up Your Instagram Business Account in 5 Easy Steps

  • 9

    Module 9: Influencer Marketing

    • How to Use Influencer Marketing on Instagram to Accelerate Your Growth

  • 10

    Module 10: Win at Instagram

    • How to Win at Instagram Without Taking a Single Photo