Mindful Meditation Mastery Course

taught by Peter Lowen
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Become The Best Version of YOU!

Mindful meditation has moved from the mystical to mainstream.

When we practice mindful meditation consistently, we gain an inner calm that will help us deal with life's many challenges. How often have we become so stressed that we have consciously avoided thinking about our problems, which then only worsen as we become more stressed? Sometime, it may feel easier not to think at all. But in the long run, reality will take over.

Non-judgmental awareness allows us to remove ourselves mentally from the mental tsunami and remain calm in times of adversity. We become more connected to our experiences in a healthy, nonthreatening way. On a basic human level, it's natural for us to push aside unpleasant thoughts by distracting ourselves from what is really important.

This obviously is not helpful and merely generates greater anxiety and stress. Daily mindful meditation keeps us focused on the present and helps us deal with problems rather than avoiding them. Fortunately, becoming more aware is a skill that can be learned. Like playing a musical instrument or a sport, the more we practice, the better we become at it ...

The reason mindful meditation has proven so powerful is that the body and mind are intricately connected. When our emotional state suffers, so does our body. This is especially relevant to stress, which can cause many physical problems. As a result, mindful meditation not only improves our mental health, but our physical health, as well.

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Peter Lowen

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Course Curriculum

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C01: What Is Mindful Meditation?
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C02: How To Practice Mindful Meditation
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C03: More Mindful Meditation Techiques
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C04: Mindful Meditation And The Brain
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C05: Why Is Awareness So Important?
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C06: Mindful Meditation And Work
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C07: Mindful Meditation And Relationships
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C08: Mindful Meditation And Happiness
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C09: Successful People Who Meditate
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C010: Great Mindful Meditation Apps
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C11: The Benefits of Mindful Meditation
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C12: Create A Mindful Life
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